PURAFEM Pueraria Mirifica 2 Months Saver Package (Discounted)

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  • High quality pueraia mirifica from #1 brand since 2005
  • Helps firm and enhance breasts naturally
  • Ideal to use during and after the menopause
  • Popular moisturizing cream and serum used by women to improve appearance
  • Popular capsule used to help promote feminine curves and figure
  • High quality natural cosmetic and food supplement products
  • May also provide natural relief during and following menopause
  • Nutrients may help provide anti aging benefits for skin, hair and nails
  • 100% Money Back, 60 Day Return Policy

Contents: 2 x Bottles 350mg x 60 capsules | 1 x 50ml pueraria mirifica cream | 1 x 15ml pueraria mirifica serum

Main Ingredient: finest pueraria mirifica

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PURAFEM™ Premium Pueraria Mirifica Packages Natural Feminine Support Herbals

PURAFEM™ Pueraria Mirifica packages combine a premium 350mg pueraria mirifica capsule, 50ml moisturizing pueraria cream and 15ml pueraria serum that have been developed by herbal specialists and cosmetic researchers specifically to provide high quality pueraria mirifica.

Pueraria Mirifica is well known as the herb of choice for natural feminine curves to benefit women naturally. Used over time Pueraria Mirifica is the preferred natural alternative to support femininity through natural products and methods. It may also provide nutrients to support natural relief during and after the menopause.

Choose the correct variety of Pueraia Mirifica capsules. Only the ‘premium cultivated pueraria mirifica’ is used by PURAFEM, your #1 brand for natural feminine care.

Additional information

Weight2200 g

6 Bottles x 60 Capsules / 350mg per capsule
3 Tubes x 50ml Firming Cream
3 Dropper Bottles x 15ml Serum


Take 2 capsules 2 times daily for 15 days, then take 15 days break to continue using PURAFEM capsules regularly.

For detailed information on usage please see the the support desk FAQ



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Pueraria Mirifica

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